Tumble polished Hemimorphite 20-25mm (carded)

Ref: HemimorphTumb

Hemimorphite is the commonly known sorosilicates which forms in oxidized zinc deposits and always occurs in clusters of radiating, acicular crystals. Originally, it was named Calamine, but since calamine is used for some other mineral, the word hemimorphit is widely in use. ‘Hemi’ means half and ‘morph’ means shape.
It is a wide believe of Hemimorphite being a help for one to attain a positive self-image including self-esteem and self-respect. It also assists in the personal growth of a person on all levels. The stone brings joy and creativity. For healing, it is an excellent stone. It relieves pain, cures ulcers, blood diseases and cellular disease or disorder. Sometimes it is also used as protection stone from malice and poisoning. This specimen is from Mexico.