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Beads 16 inch temp str. Faceted Amethyst 5.5-6.0 round
Beads 16 inch Temp Str. 16x12mm Oval Faceted Mookaite beans
Cabochon 25x18 MALACHITE
Seraphinite Donut 35mm
S-LON Bead Cord EARTH Tone Mix 4sp/cd(#18 Nylon) 77yd
Hypersthene Donut 35mm
Cameo Shell Girl with Dove 35 x 27mm
PUFF BEAD Brushed Silver Plated 16mm
Tumbled Citrine size M 15-20mm (Per stone)

Rough rock for tumble polishing

Rough Rock for Lapidary Ref: IntroRough2
Rough rock does not photograph very well and so to indicate texture, colour etc. we have shown cut stones mostly made from our rough stock.
If the third digit of the code is '0' (i.e.??-0??) then the material will generally be supplied in tumble-polishing size (mostly less than 3cms) but may still require further reduction in size by breaking with a hammer (Wrap stone in sacking to prevent flying 'chips' and also wear protective eye glasses). If the third digit of the code is a '1' (i.e. ??-1??) then the supplied material will be larger pieces suitable for cutting with a diamond saw.
Hardness: use a simple 'scratch’ test to determine the approximate hardness of a stone. A stone which can be marked with a pen-knife, but not with glass, must have a hardness somewhere between 5 and 51/2.
Finger nail. 21/2
Penny 3
Broken glass 5
Pen-knife 51/2
(Hardness is shown in ‘Mohs’ units: 10 is hard down to 1 soft.)

Rough Rock for Lapidary

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