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PMC FLEX Precious-Metal Clay 15gms
Rhodocrosite single sided domed Heart average 20mm
Tumbled Rhodonite size M 15-20mm (Per stone)
BEADS 36 inch Tumble PERIDOT
Cabochon 15mm Round Kyanite Blue
Cabochon 10x8 RHODOCROSITE
PYRITE Cubic Xtl 5-10mm (on descriptive card).
BEADS 16 inch Temp Strung TIGEREYE 12mm Round
Tumbled Peruvian Angelite size L 20mm+ (Per stone)
13 piece graduated drop fan set in Snowflake Obsidian11-29mm

Opal Triplet

Opal Triplet
These are low to medium height domed cabochons with a flat back.
Predominently black, the appearance will vary from that illustrated as these are all natural laminated stone with intrinsic variation but most show a good play of colour. The illustration may be taken as a guide.

Opal is the BIRTHSTONE for OCTOBER. A symbol of hope and good luck. Thought to protect against poisoned food and to promote a good memory.

Opal Triplet

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