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EMERALD 7.0 x 5.0 Oval Cabochon 0.85cts bright green
Hand carved 110mm Kambamba Jasper Elephant
Chequerboard Cabochon Gold Tigereye 8mm round
Cabochon 16mm cushion AMAZONITE (Peru)
OPAL WHITE 18.0 x 13.0 Oval Cabochon 7.2cts Multi
Carving Heart 30mm Set of 12
BEADS 16 inch Temp.Strung 8mm Aventurine MATT finish
Cabochon 20mm cushion LABRADORITE
Cabochon 25x18 MALACHITE

Opal Triplet

Opal Triplet
These are low to medium height domed cabochons with a flat back.
Predominently black, the appearance will vary from that illustrated as these are all natural laminated stone with intrinsic variation but most show a good play of colour. The illustration may be taken as a guide.

Opal is the BIRTHSTONE for OCTOBER. A symbol of hope and good luck. Thought to protect against poisoned food and to promote a good memory.

Opal Triplet

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