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BEAD TUBE Silver Plated Scroll curved 40x5mm
Dapping Block and 8 piece punch set 5mm to 27mm in stand
Cabochon 18x13 Oval PHOSPHOSIDERITE (Chile)
Cabochon 14x10 KYANITE
KUNZITE 14.6x12.8 Oval 11.75cts Pale Pink
Tumbled Gem Mix Average 15-20mm 5kg Bag
IDOCRASE 14.0x9.0 Octagonal 6.60cts Olive Green
PUFF BEAD Brushed Silver Plated 16mm
Cabochon 25x18 Oval PHOSPHOSIDERITE (Chile)

Opal Triplet

Opal Triplet
These are low to medium height domed cabochons with a flat back.
Predominently black, the appearance will vary from that illustrated as these are all natural laminated stone with intrinsic variation but most show a good play of colour. The illustration may be taken as a guide.

Opal is the BIRTHSTONE for OCTOBER. A symbol of hope and good luck. Thought to protect against poisoned food and to promote a good memory.

Opal Triplet

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